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1、 We can't______one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time.
  A. hope             B. wait                C. expect              D. except

2、 The noise was so______that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it.
  A. dim             B. soft                C. faint               D. gentle

3、 Even if they are on sale, these refrigerators are equal in price to, if not more expensive than, ______at the other store.
  A. anyone           B. the others          C. that                D. the ones

4、 It is clear that the whole world is passing through a social revolution in which a central______must be taken by scientists and technologists.
  A. process          B. attention           C. measure            D. part

5、 These plastic flowers look so______that many people think they are real.
  A. beautiful        B. natural            C. artificial           D. similar

6、 When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes had______to visit London on business.
  A. opportunity      B. possibility          C. occasion            D. chance

7、 The most important______of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people.
  A. element          B. spot                C. sense               D. point

8、 It has always been the______of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities.
  A. plan              B. campaign           C. procedure          D. policy

9、 He has left his book here on______, so that you can read it.
  A. purpose          B. intention           C. aim                 D. meaning

10、 She got married although her parents had not given her their______.
  A. allowance        B. consent            C. permit              D. appreciation

11、 When college students______future employment, they often think of status, income, and prestige.
  A. demand          B. assume             C. apply               D. anticipate

12、 I caught a______of the car before it disappeared around the garage.
  A. glance           B. glimpse            C. glare               D. stare

13、 After dinner the minister made a short______to the guests.
  A. delivery          B. pronunciation      C. conversation'      D. speech

14、 The old man got into the______of storing money under the bed.
  A. tradition        B. habit              C. use                D. custom

15、 I'll______him off this time but next time he'll be punished.
  A. leave             B. let                  C. put                 D. set

16、 Nowadays sending e-mails to each other is a way many a student______what they think.
  A. conveys          B. delivers            C. express             D. account

17、 Being ignorant of the law is no______of breaking the law.
  A. reason           B. excuse              C. ground             D. point

18、 It seemed that Ivy was in no______this evening to listen to my jokes.
  A. mind            B. mood              C. feeling             D. emotion

19、 Sensible people don't think it is______to buy things which are not needed even at a low price.
  A. worth           B. worthy            C. worthless          D. worthwhile

20、 When you arrive at the hotel, you'll______notice the friendly staff, who will make your holiday a wonderful dream.
  A. sensitively       B. scarcely            C. immediately        D. obviously

21、 As they haven't a child of their own, they're going to______a little girl.
  A. accept           B. receive             C. adapt               D. adopt

22、 David paused to consult his notes, then______with his speech.
  A. proceeded       B. pursed             C. pronounced        D. proposed

23、 That way of living is______to people in this small part of the country.
  A. specific          B. available           C. peculiar            D. particular

24、 The headmaster is to give a formal______at the annual ceremony.
  A. address          B. argument           C. debate              D. remark

25、 He had a talent for music and was______conductor of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the age of 30.
  A. assigned         B. appointed          C. named              D. honored

26、 After many years' waiting, Chinese people______realized their dream to hold the Olympic Games.
  A. constantly       B. eventually          C. lastly               D. generally

27、 Such noble deeds of the doctors and nurses can't be only______with money.
  A. rewarded        B. awarded            C. praised             D. valued

28、 When we finally arrived, a lady gave us a______introduction of the university.
  A. clean             B. brief                C. main                D. abstract

29、 A______is a person who understands people's characters.
  A. photographer    B. psychologist       C. physician          D. physicist

30、 Although I had read the book assigned by the professor several times, it didn't make any______to me.
  A. meaning         B. importance         C. sense               D. significance

31、 Before Tom left home, his mother kept telling him to______his manners at the party.
  A. mind             B. notice              C. watch              D. care

32、 - How do you like the curtains?
  -Well, I'm afraid they don't______very well with the wallpaper.
  A. go               B. match             C. suit                D. fit

33、 Being able to speak another language fluently is a great______when you're looking for a job.
  A. chance           B. importance         C. assistant           D. advantage

34、 ______everyone else wouldn't go to the mountain area, he went without a second thought.
  A. As long as       B. While              C. Where              D. In spite of

35、 At first he refused to admit he had stolen but when he was shown the videotape(录像带) he______and admitted everything.
  A. broke up         B. broke away        C. broke down        D. broke in

36、 Some people are good at______but bad at giving back.
  A. borrowing       B. taking              C. bringing            D. lending

37、 She will have to find some other work for she can't______this loud noise any more.
  A. come up with                            B. keep up with
  C. grow up with                           D. put up with

38、 -May I have a talk with one of your sports reporters?
  -Sorry, but all of them are out to______the main events of the day.
  A. get               B. find                C. cover               D. search

39、 -How much will it______my father and me to go to Chicago?
  -It's 120 dollars in all.
  A. pay for          B. take as             C. spend               D. cost for

40、 Having decided to rent a flat, we______contacting all the accommodation agencies in the city.
  A. set about        B. set down           C. set out             D. set up

41、 They told me it would be cheap but______it cost me nearly $ 500.
  A. as a result       B. in a work          C. at last              D. in fact

42、 I spent the whole day repairing the motorbike. The work was______easy.
  A. nothing but                            B. anything but
  C. something                                D. all except

43、 This book is said to be a special one, which______many events not found on other history books.
  A. writes           B. covers              C. prints              D. reads

44、 You'll______in hospital if you drive so fast.
  A. die up           B. end up             C. turn up             D. give up

45、 Now that he has missed his______, he'll have to wait for the next round.
  A. chance           B. turn                C. duty                D. class

46、 The thing that______is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not.
  A. cares             B. minds              C. matters             D. depends

47、 You should always take into consideration the part a good way of learning will______in your studies.
  A. give              B. make               C. play                D. teach

48、 They sold their house for only 12,000 dollars, so the buyer got a wonderful______.
  A. cost              B. bargain             C. amount             D. value

49、 If Tim carries on working like this, he'll______sooner or later.
  A. break down     B. give up             C. get down           D. hold on

50、 -Do you play football after work?
  -Yes, ______Playing football is not my favorite sport.
  A. more or less                             B. once in a while
  C. time and again                           D. sooner or later

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